A recent study in the UK published in The British Journal of Psychiatry has shown what singers have known all along. Singing can improve your mood, and help with the symptoms of postnatal depression. It makes you feel good to be working together as a group and creating beautiful music.

The Parents & Carers Choir is available to mums, dads, grandparents, carers, expectant mums, babysitters-

anyone with preschoolers who love singing.

We meet for one hour per week to rehearse songs in 3 part harmonies ranging from pop songs, folk songs, show tunes and traditional choral pieces. There are no auditions and there is no need to be able

to read music. All songs will be learned by rote as holding sheet music while entertaining little ones

can be a little tricky.

Prams and baby carriers are welcome. Babies, preschoolers and belly bumps are welcome. We don’t mind when a baby cries in the middle of rehearsal as we have all been there before. Members will provide a support network for each other. Once rehearsal has finished, help yourself to tea, coffee, biscuits and a chat.

The Parents & Carers Choir provides a safe, supportive environment for singers to pursue their passion while socialising with like minded people.

"Singing is a way of escaping. It's another world.

I'm no longer on Earth."

Edith Piaf

Our Mission

The purpose of the association is to provide

musical opportunities which promote

community inclusion and enable people to sing, socialise and support each other. 

Our vision is to create a network of parents and carers with a common love of singing. 


Meet the Director

The Parents & Carers Choir was created by

Melissa Tonkin (B Mus (Hons), Grad Dip Ed), a choir director, vocal teacher and performer with 15 years experience. Melissa started performing and teaching in Adelaide where she sang in choirs and participated in amateur musical theatre shows, before her professional debut with The State Opera of South Australia.

Since moving to Melbourne, Melissa has taught in various schools and performing arts companies and is now the vocal teacher and choir director at Sacred Heart Girls College. As a mum to an energetic toddler, Melissa struggled with postnatal depression and with no family close by, understands the difficulty trying to find some personal time with a little one to look after. Melissa developed the idea of a choir to offer support for parents and carers- all with the added bonus of exposing children to music at the same time.

"I love coming every week to sing with my baby. It's like karaoke playgroup for us mums  and carers, and Melissa does a great job getting us through our parts each session and still give attention to her own little girl."

"Just what the doctor ordered for both Mother and Child. Mother's groups and Playgroups are such a treasured and needed entity."

"An incredible vocalist, teacher and mother with a hugely energetic presence and I highly recommend giving

it a go!"