What are the benefits of a parents and carers choir?

Studies show that singing improves your mood and can help decrease the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Singing with a group gives a sense of belonging. As an added bonus, bringing your little ones to rehearsal exposes them to music at a young age. Music becomes a normality for them which will be a positive influence throughout their development.


When do you rehearse?

We rehearse during school terms on Mondays at 9:45am  at the Heimat Centre in Doncaster East.

What do I need to bring?

Bring whatever you need to look after your little one. Pram/carrier, snacks, toys, playmat, nappies etc. Plus a keep cup for coffee or tea which is the safest option around little ones.


Do you perform in public?

At this stage our focus is building our choir and having fun singing together. We will consider performances at a later date.

I'm a Dad/Nanny/Babysitter. Am I able to attend rehearsals?

Yes you are! This choir is for anyone looking after little ones.

Do I need to read music?

You do not need to be able to read music. Holding sheet music while looking after little ones can be a bit tricky. All songs will be learned by rote with lyrics projected on the screen.

What if I can't sing?

If you enjoy singing then it doesn't matter. This choir is about having fun and spending time with other parents. 


What if my baby cries during rehearsal?

We are all parents, including our choir director. We know that babies cry. The purpose of The Parents & Carers Choir is to work around whatever the little ones throw at us. We will push on even when there is crying, feeding, or laughing. If it is a particularly spectacular tantrum, you are welcome to leave the room for some time for your little one to calm down.

My children are at school. Can I still attend rehearsals?

Of course! All parents are welcome. 

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds for missed rehearsals.

"If I cannot fly, let me sing"

Stephen Sondheim