World Singing Day Sing-along

The Parents & Carers Choir is proud to be involved with World Singing Day 2019. We will be hosting a sing-along on Saturday 19 October, 10am at Manningham City Square. There will be a band playing some great songs from The Beatles to Katy Perry. Lyric books are provided so all we need are our singers! For more information, go to our Facebook event or email us at

As a catalyst for positive human connection, this one day each year serves as an opportunity to celebrate our global family through the international language of music.

World Singing Day is not religious or political, nor does it promote any one country or culture. Rather, it encourages people to put aside their differences and celebrate what we all share as human beings. World Singing Day is for everyone, regardless of your race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity (including gender expression), sexual orientation, disability, and age.

World Singing Day is a joyful community experience for musicians and non-musicians alike, from shower singers to celebrities, as they gather in their communities and sing together without the pressure of performing.

World Singing Day is not a competition, and no rehearsals are required. Anyone can join in the fun.

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